Installation Equipment:

50mm U-Bolt @ R11.50

Coach Screw @ R2.50

Coach Screw Plug @ R2.50

Wall Bracket – Small – 150mm (tripod) @ R109.00

Wall Bracket – Medium – 300mm (tripod) @ R170.00

Wall Bracket – Xtra-Large – 470mm (tripod) @ R195.00

Heavy Duty Square Wall Bracket 550mm @ R655.00

Aluminium Pole 1.5m x 38mm x 1.2mm @ R95.00

Aluminium Pole 3.0m x 38mm x 1.2mm – S Pole @ R145.00

Aluminium Pole 3m x 38mm x 1.2mm @ R195.00

Aluminium Pole 3m x 50mm x 1.2mm @ R325.00

Aluminium Pole 6m x 50mm x 1.2mm @ R625.00

RJ45 Connector @ R2.50

RJ45 Connector @ R8.65

RJ45 Rubber Boot @ R2.50

CAT5 Wall-Box @ R45.00

CAT5 UTP Cable (per Metre) @ R5.75

CAT5 Shielded UTP Cable (per Metre) @ R10.50



TP-Link Wireless Router @ R499.00

Toto Link EX Wireless Range Extender @ R499.00

Wireless Over Power Line AV500 WiFi (Remote Station Only) @ R919.00

Wireless Over Power Line AV500 WiFi (Base + Remote Station) @ R1 319.00

Ubiquity Airgrid M5 23db Antenna @ R999.00

Ubiquity Airgrid M5 27db Antenna @ R1 099.00

Ubiquity Bullet M5 with 23-dBi Grid Antenna @ R2 450.00

Ubiquity Bullet M5 with 27-dBi Grid Antenna @ R2 515.00


600VA UPS @ R835.00

1000VA UPS @ R1 100.00

Ellies FBWP Surge Arrestor @ R99.00

Ellies FBWPP Surge Plug @ R195.00

Ellies FBLPT2 Satelite Plug @ R149.00

Ellies FEATVG16 TV Safe @ R225.00

Ellies FEAFG16 Fridge Safe @ R225.00

Ubiquity Ethernet Surge Protector @ R285.00

15-V Intergrated Power-Supply with POE @ R195.00

24-V Intergrated Power-Supply with POE @ R289.00

POE Plug for UPS @ R55.00

Janus Plug for UPS @ R75.00

Kettle Cord with Surge Plug @ R125.00

Labour & Traveling:

Call-Out with first Half Hour Labour @ R175.00

Call-Out with first Half Hour Labour – After Hours @ R350.00

Labour after initial Call-Out in 30-Minute Intervals @ R125.00

Labour after initial Call-Out in 30-Minute Intervals – After Hours @ R200.00

Traveling per Kilometer @ R5.50

Format of Computer. (Reinstall Windows & Office – SetUp Email) @ R375.00

Back-Up of Data (Per Hour) @ R150.00

Collect & Return of Client PC (Setup of Printer, Network included & Email) @ R350.00
*** Excludes Traveling when Outside Witbank ***

 Installation of Microsoft Office (Per PC) @ Web4Us Office @ R150.00

De-Installation of Wireless Equipment @ R95.00

Wireless Equipment Installation (Excluding spares) @ R350.00


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