Game Tower went down @ 3:45am

Other towers affected – NHK, Panorama, Pine Ridge & LMC

Technicians will be on-site at 7am to investigate.


All services are restored and full capacity is available.

2018-03-26 @ 4:30am

Web4Us will test both Fibre connections during the morning to confirm that both links are working at full capacity.

We will update once all tests have been done. We will keep on monitoring both links.

2018-03-25 @ 10:30pm

Update from Upstream Service Provider:

We tested the service and are observing the link to be up and stable.

2018-03-25 @ 2:30pm

Update from Upstream Service Provider:

72F cable arrived at site. Teams are rolling out the cables.
They will splice working fibres now and non-working fibres during the week.

2018-03-25 @ 9:15am

Update from Upstream Service Provider:

TFR along with Sizwe technicians are on site and they are waiting for Civil team to replace 400 Meter of 72F cable.
ETA of Civil Team : – 09:00 SAST

2018-03-24 @ 11:45pm

Update from Upstream Service Provider:

As per the update from the third party team the 24 core fibers has been completed but LT 72 core Fibre will only be worked on in the morning.
Our technicians have left the site due to safety reasons the team will be back onsite tomorrow morning.
The fault was been escalated to the third party team below was the conversation from our team:
After lengthy teleconferences it has been decided that due to safety issues and staff issues work will only be resumed at 07:00 tomorrow morning.
All the staff that were part of the initial risk assessment/ induction are all home, hence no one else can be onsite due to ongoing risks at site. The derailment site is still a hazardous area.
Will keep you posted with the further progressive updates.


Only one of our two Fibre connections were restored @ 11:50pm

There is no eta on the repair of the second fibre.


Web4Us Fibre to Johannesburg went down @ 6:45pm

Upstream Service Provider is investigating – Services will be restored as soon as possible.


NHK Tower went down @ 15:15
All services were restored @ 16:50


Web4Us Fibre upgrade will be done on Tuesday 2018-02-27
Downtime can be expected.
We do not have set times.


National outage on the Fibre Network @ 3:25pm

All services were restored @ 4:12pm


Web4Us Fibre to Johannesburg went down @ 9:15am

All services were restored @ 12:15pm


Highveld Mall Tower went down @ 9:45am

All services were restored @ 11:30


Web4Us Fibre to Johannesburg has an intermittent fault @ 11:00am

All services were restored @ 4:30pm.


Web4Us Fibre to Johannesburg has slow browsing – All other services are running correctly @ 7:00pm

All services were restored @ 11:00am.



Web4Us Fibre to Johannesburg has an intermittent fault @ 3:30pm

All services were restored @ 7:00pm.


Web4Us Fibre to Johannesburg went down @ 1:45pm

All services were restored @ 3:30pm.


Reyno Ridge Tower went down @ 3:30pm

Other towers affected – Golden Mile, Ben Fleur, Highveld Mall & Seekoeiwater

All services were restored @ 4:30pm


Power at Server Room went down, but backup generator did not start.

Server room went down @ 4:55am

All services were restored @ 5:40am


Seekoeiwater Tower went down @ 7:30am

All services were restored on 2017-10-29 @ 9:35am


Panorama Tower hit by lightning @ 1:45pm

All services were restored on 2017-10-27 @ 4:30pm


Game Tower hit by lightning @ 8:18pm

Other towers affected – LMC, Pine Ridge, Panorama & NHK

All services were restored on 2017-10-21 @ 10:20am


Emergency maintenance done on Ben Fleur Tower.

Downtime can be expected between 12:30 and 16:00


There is a problem at our upstream service provider.

Services that are affected:

Some free movie sites

Steam & Teamspeak


Game Tower Maintenance: 8:00 to 13:00

Services affected: Game Tower | Panorama Tower | NHK Tower

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